Tuesday, 1 March 2011

a new month a new theme - hints of spring

I have just returned from a beautiful walking weekend in The Yorkshire Dales, with some artist friends of mine, miles away from the demands of home and work. It was interesting to think about my writing and observations over the past month on my theme of home from the top of a hill, a swollen river bank and from a distance.

The cosy stone house I stayed in for these few days was full of someone's elses personal objects, but still took on a transient homely quality for, brought about by being with friends, sheltering from the rain, sitting around a large kitchen table and looking into a open fire. For four days it was home from home.

The March focus for moments in time will be hints of spring. Those tiny little moments of life that start to emerge and remind us that there is change in the air. Hope you enjoy the work, and I would love to hear any comments on your own experiences of spring.

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From the window,
snow drops
chatter and gesture
to me.
They recognise
something is in
the air.

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