Tuesday, 1 February 2011

February is home, feet, no 1

Thanks to my friend Fiona a writer and amazing blogger and to Kaspa, who enthused me enough to get involved in a river of stones blog, along with hundreds of other writers.

I have spent January, observing daily moments in time. Now it's February, I am continuing 31 moments in time with a theme each month. For this month, the theme will be home.

What is home, what makes a home, is it the familiar, coming back after a day at work, having that sense of being able to let go and be yourself, a place to think, generate ideas and feel safe, running up and down those same stairs every day, routines of feeding the cat, let me know what you think?

wet feet
chart a watery map
upon cool slate tiles

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KAT ADL'S said...

Hey Ann good for you continuing, I am a bit sporadic at the moment,trying to get my garden sorted before Autumn calls by.
I love the cliche home is where the heart is.It is a bigger statement that it first appears. Jon Foreman has a great line in one of his songs ' I don't think home is a place I can still get get to by train'

Thanks for sharing your writing:-)